Insulation Board is the perfect tile backing system for use on solid floors, providing the ideal foundation on which to lay electric underfloor heating. It’s the right choice for kitchens, bathrooms, wetrooms and comes highly recommended by professional tilers.Quick and easy to handle, cut and layHigh insulation properties, perfect for solid floors and when using electric underfloor heatingStrong, therefore ideal for large and heavy tilesWater resistant, unlike plywood which weakens when dampA lifetime guarantee, providing complete peace of mind.

Insulation Board 12.5mm


Why use 6mm Insulation Board?

  • Impervious to moisture
  • Dimensionally Stable
  • Thin 6mm boards have little impact on room height
  • Thermally insulating
  • Sound proofing, excellent acoustic properties
  • Easy to use
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to cut to size