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  •  6mm No More Ply                          in stock                         £11.50
  • 12mm No More Ply                         in stock                         £16.50
  • Megastrength adhesive                  in stock                           £9.00
  • No More Ply scoring knife              in stock                           £7.00
  • 25mm screws box 200                    in stock                           £7.50
  •  38mm screws box 200                   in stock                           £7.50

Watch the installation video here to find out more!!

No More Ply 6mm tile backer board is great for many applications. It’s lightweight and only 1200x600mm in size this makes it is easy to move around wherever you are going to be using it.
This versatile but strong board can be used in a number situations, for example it can be used as a soundproofing layer, or for waterproofing surface’s, or for dry-lining and boxing in, and it can be used to provide thermal insulation where needed.
When used on the floor either over timber, or onto a solid floor, No More Ply provides an effective decoupling layer which prevents your tiles and grout cracking due to horizontal movement in the floor. It also provides a barrier stopping any moisture rising from the concrete sub-floor from affecting the tiled surface above, while rendering the area above waterproof. This is most useful in moisture sensitive areas like wet rooms, upstairs bathroom/shower rooms and kitchens.
  • Surface Preparation

  • Over Boarding

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